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The Wild Larder

The Wild Larder

This is NOT a 'survival book' - instead it is a unique addition to any cook's bookshelf. The Wild Larder E-Book provides EVERYDAY as well as UNUSUAL receipes for dishes made from wild plants, nuts, flowers and seaweeds. On every page there is a picture of the 'wild food', its latin and common name as well as when, where and how to collect the ingredients. Use this lovely book to provide low cost meals for the family or to impress your guests with great tastes and dishes that they will never have seen before.
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Traditional English Christmas Recipes

Traditional English Christmas Recipes

'Hidden-England' has written this book especially for our visitors who want to re-create a Traditional English Christmas meal.

Over 40 practical recipes that contain well known dishes and lots of new and wonderful surprises - such as 'giggle cake' and 'stained windows'. These REALLY are traditional, and some come from the 1700 and 1800s, but updated with modern ingredients and measures. Treat yourself or give it as a gift in time for Christmas

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England has forty-two religions and only two sauces.
Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

We have only just started building this site (in between tea and coffee breaks) and are still adding recipes. If you have an 'English' recipe then please send it to us with your name as well as any history or amusing anecdote related to it. If we include it on this site we will let you know and we will also attribute it to you.

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Dry Measures
These conversions are approximate only, but the difference between an exact and the approximate conversion of dry measures is minimal and will not affect your cooking results.

15g = ½ oz
30g = 1 oz
60g = 2 oz
90g = 3 oz
125g = 4 oz
155g = 5 oz
185g = 6 oz
220g = 7 oz
250g = 8 oz
280 g = 9 oz
315 g = 10 oz
345 g = 11 oz
375 g = 12 oz
410 g = 13 oz
440 g = 14 oz
470 g = 15 oz
500 g = 16 oz
750 g = 24 oz
1 kg = 32 oz

Use EITHER all metric OR all imperial measurements in your cooking. Do not mix them in the same recipe

Diameters for cake tins, flan rings and pie plates

15 cm = 6 inch
18 cm = 7 inch
20½ cm = 8 inch
23 cm = 9 inch
25½ cm = 10 in
28 cm = 11 inch
30 cm = 12 inch

Pastry Thickness

2½ mm =1/8inch
5 mm = ¼ inch
1 cm = ½ inch
1&frac12cm = 3/4 inch

Diameters for Biscuit Cutters

2½ cm = 1 inch
5 cm = 2 inch
6½ cm = 2½ in
7½ cm = 3 inch

Level Spoon Conversions
tsp = teaspoon
tbs = tablespoon

5 ml = 1 tsp
15 ml = 1 tbs

When using a measuring jug or cup - do not tap it on the bench or pack the contents down unless the recipe tells you to do so.

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