"Gurkha" curry in a "Traditional ENGLISH" recipe page??
Visit any English town and you will see at least one Indian restaurant and on the menu I will guarantee you will see at least 2 of these recipes. Indian (and Chinese) dishes have been taken and adapted to become our 'Traditional' English dishes.  In some cases we have actually exported these dishes, slightly altered, back to the original country who has adopted them as their own national dishes!

But back to the 'real' Gurkha curries:

On this page are four "Gurkha Curry" recipes I was given by a soldier on active service.
Follow any of these simple recipes and you will end up with a completely authentic meal eaten by some of the most daring troops in the world. These are not HOT curries, these are TASTY curries.
The quantities in these four recipes are for 8 soldiers. If you halve the ingredients please keep the cooking times about the same as quoted in the recipe.

The Gurkhas are soldiers that have served in the British Army for many, many years. They come from the deserted Himalayas and they are feared all over the world. The first Gurkhas were fighting men from the mountain kingdom of Nepal -- Rai, Magar, Limbu, Gurung and Sunwar tribesmen. Small of stature, large of heart, accustomed to hardship, good natured with a keen sense of humor, loyal to death, more disciplined than any fighting force in the world, brave and capable, and absolutely without fear. 

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